Our Story

Hello, My Name is Greg De Hoot. I am a tattooer by trade. While working at tattoo convention five years ago with absolute horrible lighting, I began my search for a light I could use not only in my shop, but in any situation I required lighting. The only problem was I needed something that had to be lightweight, extremely compact and produce great lighting.

After searching everywhere and failing, I set out on what would become a four year journey to create something that did not exist. I enlisted every specialist and engineer I could find to help design the best tool for every application and situation. After toiling over ever single aspect and minis clue detail, I finally created the uniquely perfect combination. The Original LTD Light.

The Original LTD Light was designed and created for those who count and require superb lighting for any reason. If you travel The Original LTD Light will change your whole concept of what a portable light should be. Some may see this as just a light, I see it as a chance to Light The Dark and Live The Dream.